bloom BABY ranked #1 sensitive wipe by Mommyhood101

Recently Mommyhood101 did a test to find out which Sensitive baby wipes are the best to use on your baby and or toddler. Out of 10 major wipe brands, bloom BABY came out on top. The test they did included having the moms smell and feel the wipes, use them to clean both dry and wet diapers, then finally they used them to wipe their arms to see how’d the feel (oily or not, etc..). They also tested our wipes in 2016 and they were amazed then and they still are today!

Some of the things the moms in this test enjoyed about our wipes are that, “They smell great, they are durable and soft, they are large enough for several passes over a dirty bum, and the company making them (Bloom + Kind Inc) takes “sensitive” very seriously.” They also enjoyed the fact that our wipes are made from 98% natural ingredients and are thicker and larger then most other wipes, so they’re harder to rip then other wipes. Another great thing they found in this test is that our wipes are great to use on the most sensitive bottoms. To read the full article and review click the photo below.


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