When I found out I was pregnant with Mckenna, I couldn’t help myself. I immediately started researching all of the baby items! It was so amazing to see how much had changed since Alea (6.5 years prior) and how many more items were available. It was almost a bit overwhelming at times! I always tried to seek out a quick and concise list of all of the baby items that were “must-haves” and was so thankful when I found a blog post from another mom with just that!

So, today I’ve compiled a list of fun products with the assistance of Babbleboxx that are total must haves for you and for baby! Because of course us mama’s deserve a little pampering, too, right? Right!

1. Beech-Nut Oatmeal Cereal: This cereal was our go-to baby cereal for Mckenna & was Mckenna’s very first food when we initiated solids. We went straight for oatmeal for the extra fiber and nutrients and she absolutely loved this kind. She loved the taste and I loved the container. It’s easy to grab, the pour spout and attached cup are great for measuring out the perfect amount without making a big mess. No one likes baby cereal all over their counter, right? And we loved buying lots of other Beech-Nut baby food products as well. They have so many options at very reasonable prices!

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2. Oball Rattle: This is literally the best baby toy for all ages. Heck, I wouldn’t even classify this Oball rattle as a baby toy necessarily, because Alea loves it as well! Mckenna has played with an Oball rattle since she was able to grab onto things and the Oball rattle is perfect for small babies who are learning to do just that, because its entire surface is easy to grasp. Now, Mckenna and Alea love throwing this ball back and forth to one another and I also don’t mind taking this one along in the car because it’s not hard and if it were to become airborne in an accident (god forbid) it wouldn’t cause any additional injuries. (Yes, I totally worry about those things!)

3. Bloom Baby Wipes: I’m always excited to try a new baby wipe! I mean it. It’s so hard to find “the perfect baby wipe,” am I right? It has to have the perfect amount of moisture, without being too wet, it has to be durable (because no one wants to break through a wipe while dealing with a messy situation), and they can’t have funky ingredients or weird scents. Guys, these Bloom Baby wipes pass the test! They’re super soft and made with clear energy & glacial water. Mckenna has pretty sensitive skin and we haven’t had a problem at all with these!

4. Temp Traq: This product is really, really great! Temp Traq is a one-time use thermometer that you place under your child’s arm and it allows you to track their temperature over a 24hr period of time using an app on your phone. Talk about giving a mama peace of mind, right? We haven’t had to use this yet, but I love just having it on hand for if Mckenna gets sick… and we knowthere is just so much illness going around this year. Yuck!

And because #MomsMatterToo, I can’t leave us out!

5. Vichy Mineral 89: This mineral serum is awesome! I just started using it, but I can already see and feel that my skin is more moisturized and hydrated. And the best part? It actually stays hydrated even with how dry our house has been this winter and with the bitter cold Midwest weather outside. I love that the serum is transparent AND it’s paraben-free!

Auqualia Thermal Rich Cream: This cream just accentuates the properties of the above serum. It’s a cream consistency and you can just feel it hydrating your skin! It’s made with Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid which is great at hydrating sensitive skin like mine!

I would absolutely recommend these products to any mama who is looking for a little extra something to pamper themselves with their beauty routine.

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So there you have it! These items are an absolute must in my book and items that I will continue to use for Mckenna and myself and also give as gifts at baby showers. If you’re working on your baby registry, why not add a few of these? Or if you’re heading to a baby shower soon, these would all make great gifts for a mama-to-be or even a seasoned mama!

What are your must-have items for baby?
Do you have a must-have item for mom as well?

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