Surviving Baby’s First Year with Products We Love

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Becoming a mom has been my greatest joy. There’s been ups and downs and I’ve learned more about myself and my husband in the past 10 months than I could ever imagine. Welcoming a baby into this World has been such learning experience that I never knew I needed. Being a parent is a selfless job and to be honest, it’s hard. There are days when I feel completed defeated but seeing Bryce’s sweet smile full of little teeth makes my heart melt.

Over the past year, I quickly realized that I can’t do this alone. This was one of the hardest lessons because I’m the type of person who hates to ask for help and hates having to rely on anyone or anything other than myself, some people might call it stubborn.  I need helping hands and all the products that will make my life and my baby’s life easier. Being a first time mom, I have had no idea what products I needed or what exactly to buy so I was stoked Babbleboxx sent me a Baby on Board box that was full of great products every mom and baby need during the first year. Here’s some of the products we loved!

Beech-Nut: Stage 1 Oatmeal Cereal

The thought of starting solids was both exciting and so scary to me. The internet has freaked me out about allergies and I was terrified that I would introduce a food to Bryce and he would have a reaction. Like any momma, I want to protect him from everything. Choosing a solid that was both nutritious and safe for my child was very important to me. We started with Beech-Nut baby cereal for many reasons.

I loved how I could easily grab their products on the go. The cap on the cereal is a measuring cup so I was able to mix Bryce solids easily no matter if we were at a restaurant or in the comfort of our home. Bryce has loved all the solids we have given him and begs for more. So, if you’re a first time momma and have the same fears same, rest assured it’s going to be alright! Want to give it a try? Save $1.50 on any 2 Beech-Nut cereal canisters 

bloom BABY Wipes

I could have never guessed the amount of baby wipes we have gone through in the short 10 months that Bryce has been alive. Wipes are so versatile, I find myself using them for everything whether it’s to wipe Bryce during a diaper change, clean his face after eating solids or wipe off my car seats.

You’ll learn real quick that the quality of baby wipes matter. I love bloom BABY: Wipes because they are jumbo sized and made with clear energy and glacial water. Because of the size and quality, I don’t have to use as many which means my package lasts much longer.

Oball Rattle

Finding toys that will keep Bryce’s attention for more than 30 seconds has been increasing difficult the older he gets. Now that he is crawling and trying to walk, staying in one spot does not happen. I needed a toy that would move with Bryce and the Oball Rattle has been the perfect fit.

Bryce is able to carry it around easily because of the way it’s designed and if it rolls away from him, Bryce will crawl after it. It keeps Bryce busy and happy. Because of it’s size, I’m able to throw it in my purse and take it with us while we’re on the go. This would make a great add on gift for any baby shower.

Vichy Beauty Products

One of the easiest things to do during the first year of motherhood is to forget to take care of yourself. The first time I met my pediatrician after I delivered Bryce, he stressed to me that my mood will dictate how Bryce feels so I needed to take care of myself. I think of that conversation often because many times as moms, we get so busy taking care of everybody else, we put ourselves last. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of everybody else. It’s a domino effect.

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal is amazing for hydrating my skin. It’s a rich moisturizing cream with
Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and Hyaluronic Acid. I put this on my skin after my nightly showers. In addition to this product, I pair it with Vichy Mineral 89. The Mineral 89 boosts hydration and adds extra moisture to your skin. I love that it’s 100% Transparent + Paraben-Free.

Add these products to your daily routine and don’t forget to take care of yourself! Use code BABBLEBOXX18 on Vichy’s site to receive 20% off and free shipping. Offer is only valid until February 28, 2018 so order soon!

What other products helped you survive during the first year your baby was born?

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